Choosing Where to Place Hired Skip Bins

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Choosing Where to Place Hired Skip Bins

30 July 2020
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Whether you are decluttering and doing some spring cleaning or working on a home renovation, residential skip bin hire is invaluable for proper waste management. Even as you book the skip bin you need for your project, where to place it once delivered is something that you should consider carefully.

What are your options for skip placement in residential skip hire? You can place the skips in the backyard, on your driveway, or on the street. Here is a look at what to keep in mind when making this decision.

Ease of Putting Waste into the Skip

The distance you will need to cover to place your waste in the skip matters. This distance matters even more when dealing with bulky waste, such as the rubble from tearing down part of your home. In this case, you will want the skip bins placed as close to the source of the waste as possible.

If you are doing some landscaping work out back, then the best place to put your skips is in the backyard. The driveway is always a great idea if there are no obstacles in the path between the source of the waste and the driveway.

Amount of Space Available

If you do not have enough space in your backyard or driveway to accommodate the size of your residential skip bin hire unit, the street is often the last resort. It's always a better option to hire multiple small skips so that they can fit in the limited space available in your yard or driveway.

Keep in mind how much space you have before ordering the skip bins. It will ensure that the crew from the residential skip bin hire company doesn't spend too much time moving the unit from one location to another, trying to find the best-suited one.

Ease of Delivery and Collection

Placing your residential skip bin hire units in the back garden may present some challenges when it comes to delivery and collection of the skips. If your home has a garden that is close to the road, it will be easier. In some instances, it's simply impossible, and you have to consider other options.

With placements on driveways and the street, delivery and collection are quite easy. The residential skip bin hire company will not have any obstacles to manoeuver, and delivery and collection will take a very short time.

Whatever the type or size of the unit you order from a residential skip bin hire company, the outlined pointers will help influence and inform the best location for placing the skips.

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