3 Technologies Disrupting the Residential Waste Removal Sector

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3 Technologies Disrupting the Residential Waste Removal Sector

4 March 2021
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The pervasiveness of technology in modern industries has transformed service delivery. Over the years, the waste management industry has relied on emerging technologies to improve garbage collection, removal, and recycling. One area currently receiving particular attention from rubbish removal companies is residential garbage collection. Most importantly, service providers want to make trash removal a comfortable experience for clients and waste collection crews. Here are disruptive technologies influencing residential waste removal.

Bin Capacity Monitoring

Waste removal companies often schedule trash pickup days based on various factors. For instance, a service provider can designate Mondays and Thursdays as trash pickup days for one neighbourhood and Wednesdays and Fridays for another estate. Unfortunately, the approach is not usually resourceful because households do not fill their bins at the same rate. As such, rubbish collection crews end up emptying a few trashcans, which is wasteful. Bin monitoring technology employs ultrasonic sensors to monitor the trash can's fill rate, allowing optimal residential waste removal scheduling. Thus, service providers only dispatch a collection crew once containers are full.

Passive Odour Neutralising System

Although residents are often advised not to throw food remains in their dumpsters, most homeowners do not heed such advice. The behaviour presents an odour problem whether residents keep their trashcans in their backyards or on the street. It also makes residential rubbish removal a smelly and filthy affair. To deal with the smell, service providers turn to odour-neutralising products, which come in the form of a diffuser or pellets. The diffuser is hung inside a dumpster and does a great job neutralising foul smell emanating from a trashcan. On the other hand, pellets are scattered inside a dumpster over several cycles to keep odour levels down. Most importantly, passive odour neutralising systems make residential waste removal comfortable for residents and collection crews.

Trash Sorting Trucks

In the past, rubbish removal crews had to dispose of different types of waste into designated compartments in a garbage truck manually. For instance, staff should empty glass waste inside a truck's glass waste chamber and do the same for other types of waste, such as plastic and paper. Unfortunately, manual sorting takes time, which is counterproductive for service providers. Today, modern garbage collection trucks are equipped with sorting capabilities. Cameras, sensors, and artificial intelligence in a garbage truck identify, sort, and compress waste before distributing each into the appropriate compartment. Trash sorting trucks save time, making residential waste removal productive and cost-effective.

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