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Lifting The Lid: Blogging About Garbage Removal And The Environment

There is a saying that goes, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” How true! In recent times, mothers like myself have become more and more concerned about the garbage we create and the ways it is disposed of. It is so important that garbage isn't allowed to pollute the environment and is safely recycled or destroyed. This blog explores the various methods of garbage removal and the options available. I hope there is something of interest for anyone who cares about the environment and general cleanliness. Let us take the lid off the great rubbish bin of garbage removal and see what we find inside. Thank you for coming on the journey with me.


4 Tips for Organising Your Garbage to Minimise Wastage

20 December 2017
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With population growth, the amount of garbage going into landfills in Australia has increased, but so has the level of recycling. Currently, about 58 percent of household waste is recycled with the remainder going into landfills. This amounts to millions of tonnes ending up in landfills, have a drastic impact on the environment. Environmental preservation must begin with us, and there are a lot more homeowners in Australia today can do to divert trash from landfills. Read More …