5 Tips and Tricks on Maximising Your Skip Bins' Capacities

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5 Tips and Tricks on Maximising Your Skip Bins' Capacities

25 July 2018
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Have you noticed that your skip bins fill up faster than those for other people even though you only use it for your household waste? Here are tips on how to maximise on the capacity of your skip bins.

Remove air spaces

When closing the waste paper bags you may notice a large air pocket at the top of the bag. This space ends up taking up a lot of space inside your skip bins especially if all the bags have the space. To avoid this, make sure you expel all the air from the bags before finally putting them into the skip bin.

Expel the water

In case you were clearing out your fridge and you had drinks or wet food in there, try to get rid of as much water as possible. You can do this by emptying cans, bottles and tins. Drip or sieve foods that may be a mix of solids and liquids. The more water you remove, the more space you are creating in your skip bins.

Sort and arrange the waste

If you put all the waste in one bag, the components are bound to stay rigid. This rigidness will mean that some spaces will remain unoccupied even though the bin bags appear to be full. Therefore first sort the waste to make it easier for the skip bins collectors, and while sorting, arrange the waste. If you are getting rid of planks of wood or tree branches, keep them in a vertical or horizontal manner. Avoid laying them diagonally or in a crisscrossing nature inside the skip bins. When arranging the waste make sure to place big items in first.

Press and shake together

One secret in creating space in bin bags is through compacting. By pressing down the components in your skip bin, you will be eliminating the spaces that may have been created between bags. Outside the skip bin, ensure to press and shake together the waste bags before finally placing them inside the skip bins. The more compact your waste bags are the more compact your skip bins are and the more space they have.


Before eliminating something, make sure to ask yourself whether you can reuse, recycle or repurpose it. For example before throwing out food, ask yourself whether your pet can consume it. Before getting rid of old newspapers, check whether you can use them as dust proof covers or when painting your kitchen. The more you reuse, the less waste you produce therefore the more space your skip bins have.