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Lifting The Lid: Blogging About Garbage Removal And The Environment

There is a saying that goes, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” How true! In recent times, mothers like myself have become more and more concerned about the garbage we create and the ways it is disposed of. It is so important that garbage isn't allowed to pollute the environment and is safely recycled or destroyed. This blog explores the various methods of garbage removal and the options available. I hope there is something of interest for anyone who cares about the environment and general cleanliness. Let us take the lid off the great rubbish bin of garbage removal and see what we find inside. Thank you for coming on the journey with me.


3 Main Methods of Waste Disposal

29 December 2016
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Living in a clean environment has positive effects, especially on your health.  In keeping your environment and surroundings clean, you should be able to take care of rubbish or waste. At a larger scale, governments, through local authorities and other agencies, are tasked with the responsibility of collecting and disposing waste. There are several methods used in disposing the waste. Recycling This is one of the most popular methods of waste disposal. Read More …

Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Choosing a Bin Hire

11 July 2016
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A bin hire is a common choice for homeowners when they have renovation work around the house or repairs to be done; however, since most homeowners don't typically rent a bin very often, they may also make a few common mistakes with their bin. This includes how they handle it once it's on the property and even in the bin they choose. Note a few of those mistakes here so you can avoid them yourself. Read More …

Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Trying to De-Clutter Their Home

25 January 2016
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Trying to de-clutter a home and keep it neat and organized is often a challenge for many people, simply because they don't know where to start or how to make the process easy on them. They may also tend to make a few simple mistakes that make the job even harder than it should be, so that they become overwhelmed and give up altogether. If you know you need to clear out some clutter, note a few mistakes you'll want to avoid once you decide to tackle the job. Read More …

Hazardous Household Waste: Tips for Effective Management

18 January 2016
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There are numerous waste materials produced in a residential setup, and you must dispose the rubbish properly. This will mitigate the risk of reduced property aesthetics, infestation by pests and environmental pollution. Generally, it is prudent to engage a waste management company like Backyard Bins for waste collection and disposal services. These businesses will handle most types of rubbish produced in the home. Unfortunately, there are some hazardous household materials that require special disposal practices. Read More …